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Days gone bye

I miss my single day's, I love being married and a mum, 
its great, don't get me wrong, beats being single any day, 
there are times though when I remember certain instances and I feel 
like I do when I remember an old friend. You can literally just get 
up and go when you felt like it, no responsibilities really, just 
the good old house hold chores. well there's one thing in life that 
doesn't wane away for you. 
I think back at times and realise within me that there was so much 
that I wasted, opportunities, time, even words, 
things that I could and should have said but did not. Learning is 
the biggest thing that I have regrets about, if I had learnt the 
correct things in the correct manner, there would be so much in my 
life that would be very different, in a good way. My school days 
I wish I hadn't let myself be distracted with petty jokes and games 
all in the vain aimless aim of reaching popularity, sixth form, 
I wish I asserted myself in my studies a lot more and maximised 
my potential, university, alhamdulillah, that was much better as 
I had grown up by then, I had just got back from spending three of 
the most amazing years in syria, so I had transformed a lot by then,
I learnt that I had a spiritual depth that I had never explored, 
I absolutely loved discovering it and I had also let go of a lot of 
the charcteristics within me that had focused my vision solely on 
this life and nothing beyond it. I think I just kinda forgot about 
the after life before then. Hmmm, its wierd when I think about it. 
I thank the good Lord for rectifying a lot in my life. 
Why do I write this, well I am simply reflecting on matters that 
are affecting my state of being at the moment, remembering when I 
had nothing to hold on to for hope, remembering when I didn't know I 
had something to hold on to. 
Its really hard sometimes thinking back,
the times that I do miss were all fundamentally the days that I had 
started to turn to Allah, the days that Allah made me see beyond my 
tunnel vision of life and all its affairs, that's when I met the 
people, the beautiful girls from the world over who helped me to 
change my perspective on every aspect of life through the different 
stages of my humanity. I miss them all now and am overwhelmed with 
this feeling of longing as I know for sure that some of them I will 
never see again. Its ok though, they played their part in my life, 
just like I in theirs, that's what Allah has written and nothing is 
better than that........ Or not. Meeting in paradise would far 
supercede being better than that!
Looking back now, the only reason I miss my single days is because 
I wish I had used them all up for the sole purpose of gaining Allah's
pleasure, nothing less,I am blessed to have been given the 
opportunity to grow and realise, as I think to those who have not 
been given this chance. The lesson here is to make use of your 
bashful years, don't waste them only to regret in the future, 
as with marriage comes serious responsibilities that require the 
human mind and soul to be at a certain station in order to be able 
to do it right, Gods way. I pray to Allah to forgive us all for our 
shortcomings and to give us the blessing in our time left of 
rectifying our wrong and aiming for that which is of the highest 
rank with Him.
Thank you Allah.

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The things I touched, I left no traces,

where my footsteps took me,

other feet have erased me,

where my voice once echoed,

only the walls remember, as,

other voices have followed.

My smile will become a distant memory,

the sound of my laughter, something you will only see,

all will fade into a time that’s history,

every footstep….. every sound….. every touch…..

become all as if they had never been.

The stories time once told, will be replaced,

the lives that once unfolded, now eroded,

no permanence, all gone back or is it forward,

to where its intended.

The END.


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