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I know their mothers raised them better than this!

Thinking about the world and the state that its in today, I figure it has for a long time been leading to all this mayhem and chaos, this is probably just the beginning. Our leaders, they meet, they discuss, they make decisions all supposedly on our behalf as they were, well some of them anyway, democratically elected, they all claim to be serving our best interests but a lot of it has to do with selfish aims and objectives, when they claim the national interest they are clearly talking about the piece of land they call their country,not the people in it, they protect it with patriotism and passion but yet a human life is worth nothing, depending on its ethnicity I may even argue race.
When I sit and ponder, my thoughts go towards their mothers, these leaders. Can I imagine Gaddafi as a sweet smelling, beautiful child, who once made his mother feel only what mothers do towards their children?, I envision Berlusconi can I see his innocence?, his purity?, imagine his first words? SubhanAllah, I truly cannot! Yet I remind myself that he actually once was all that, and more. I imagine Obama with his mother, truly loved and innocent, she protecting him from harms way, a graze on his knee would make her heart tremble, if only she could stop his pain and wipe away his tears. Can you see Mubaraks mother, teaching him the value of sharing, chiding him for hitting a peer? Imagine George Bush being taught by his own mother the sanctity of life when he squashed an ant or fly! Or Cameron taking away his brother or sisters toy, I am sure his mother would have made him give it back.
Can you fathom any of our world leaders being taught by their mothers, both parents that it was ok to take a life, even of something that they believed in, someone they hated, something they wanted? I cannot. Now they use their mouths to declare unimaginable things, they use their positions to hurt, claiming to protect, they make peoples hearts quake in fear and teach nothing but self interest, ultimately teaching only selfishness to the world, they mame and kill in the name of their beliefs and ideologies, they take things that are not theirs, through the use of force and aggression, and lay claim that its for the best!So why do they all commit crimes today and feel no accountability? They openly and proudly declare their actions and the next plan of action, they lie and decieve as though it were all a natural and justified thing to do. They have opened up pandoras boxes in multitudes, without closing one always moving onto another, now it is all slowly unravelling and getting out of control. Where are their mothers lessons and where are the efforts all gone in raising them as the best humans they can be? Where is their humanity?imagine their mothers so proud of their offspring! My son a president, a king, a prime minister! And imagine them knowing, my son a war mongerer, a murderer, a dictator, a tyrant! . 
I look to my own children and I want to raise leaders, not as they are now though, that will take a concerted effort I know, but I vow not to raise a leader who will find it easy and a natural course of action to declare war, or hurt others for a piece of the world of which we will all leave, in the guise of humanitarian intervention or a defence against colonialism, any form it may appear to take. There are better ways, there are smarter ways and there surely almost always there is an easier way! Ultimately all we can do and must do is pray, pray that our world leaders will find a way without all this loss of life, that they use their hearts and excersise compassion as clearly things are not getting better.
I know their mothers raised them better than this!

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