Maybe today?

13 Aug

That extra effort, not over effort, just that little to let Him know that you are trying, this time, this precious time. Maybe today would have been the day that had you uttered that one subhanAllah, it would have been your jannah, maybe today could have been the day, that had you uttered that sincere alhamdulillah, it would have had all your sins wiped away, maybe today if you had opened the quran, even just stared at the pages, He would have looked down on you with sympathy and opened up your heart to receive all that is within it, maybe today had you said salams instead of just walking past , it would have been that one extra weight that you needed on your scale to tip the balance in your favour.
would have,
had you.
This beautiful month, oh blessed Ramadan, let us internalise you and all that you mean. Oh lord of all that exists, Ya Allah, please make today, this moment, this time, this dua, this reflection, my contemplation, my need for you in all that I am and could be, ya Rabbi, my maker, the one who has made all that is possible in my life, come to be, make this count, make this count. My desperation is because I know I fall short, its because I know of things that I have done, its because I know that without you on my side, then even ever existing was not worth it, I know that if you are not with me then I am wasted, doomed and I cannot even say I did not know. Oh how I wish that I had an excuse, a reason.
would have,
had I.
Thinking like this when its too late, is too late. Now oh Ramadan, now is my time to act and with all your blessings I know you are here to help me.
will be,
if I.

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One response to “Maybe today?

  1. Midnight Moe

    August 25, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    I read this and started reflecting on myself. Alhamdullila today is the day that made appreciate words like Alhamdullila and subhanAllah.
    Marshallah Mrs keep up the good work

    Midnight Moe


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