Stormy weather

15 Aug

They say its beautiful, that I cannot deny, on a bad day though, you could imagine nothing worse, nothing more ugly. as soon as that storm passes though, its amazing how every things all better. just like the storm, when the sun comes out, its as if it never even happened. Letting go, forgiving, moving on, that’s the key, as you will have very stormy, turbulent weather at times, if you let it pass, it will pass, it fades away and leaves no effects, no after shocks, that is if you have truly let it go. The beauty that it shook is realised again, it suddenly reappears through the clouds and normality resumes. All to take a lesson from. As when it does start to get cloudy, equipping ourselves, first with the right attitude, then calmly collecting the correct equipment to aid us in getting through the turbulent weather and last but not least ridding ourselves of all that will make us sink or make the waves harder to traverse! So what is the right attitude? For me, its dropping anything that will make me feel like I am the one who is right, finding a reason, one reason to blame myself, then acting on it, making that reason, why the weather decided to switch on me in the first place! Maybe if I had waited for the last part of the sentence, I would have reacted differently?, maybe if I hadn’t brushed his view off, it would have stopped him from reacting the way he did? The right attitude for me, is, finding the part of me, that makes me feel that its alright to be the one to say ‘I’m sorry’ the one to smile and say ‘come on its not that bad we can sort this out’ the one to initiate the hug, that hug that fixes everything and makes the sun shine right through those clouds again. Once the demon of me! Me! Me! Is defeated then comes equipping myself with the humility to act upon the plan that I have made in my head to make things right again, simple as forgiving and forgetting as I don’t see how you can harbour anything against someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with, planning how to spend the rest of your life with them when stormy weather approaches comes in very handy too, most times though, you begin learning once the small waves start to hit the shore! Lastly, not looking back, erasing all those vices from our character that ultimately hinder any upward progress in our relationships, such as pride or arrogance and so many more. Its not easy to take things so lightly when you are dealt with a blow, especially one you never saw coming, even more so from someone you never imagined it would come from. Remember though, that you have most likely dealt the same or worse blow and they chose not to make a big deal out of it. So just because you might think ‘but I would never do that to you’ well you probably already have! They simply let it slide. At first it may seem difficult to be so forgiving but as you live and learn, it does get easier. The actual potion to relieve all your commotion though is to remember that, He the most high has been there all those times that you wronged Him and He never left your side, not even for a minute, like when you decide you need some ‘me time’ to shut everything out, not realising that you were in a sense even shutting Him out.’let them forgive and overlook. Do you not wish that Allah should forgive you? Indeed Allah is oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.’ (Q24:22)

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