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Young lady.

your value is what’s contained within,
Your beauty glows from right therein,
that mini skirt doesn’t serve you with anything.
oh why young lady?

Don’t you know those beautiful legs are not for show?
exposing them only goes to dampen your glow,
your worth is more than a million in rubies and Gold,
that mini skirt does nothing to make you more,
being a slave to something that’s killing you slow,
covering up is a blessing to protect your soul,
perhaps you simply do not know, its better to be judged according to the knowledge you hold.

My dear young lady,
covering up is not a sin,
those tight skinny jeans were hard to fit in,
you are only wearing them so you can fit in,
your perception of shame has been deeply tainted,
to the point where you dress in see through leggings,
this road of exposure I can see no ending.

Where is the good when all men are glancing?
no need to even try unraveling,
your beauty, your wealth all for free you are serving,
you have nothing worthy left of anyone admiring,

Be aware young lady, you can be anything,
your beauty does not need uncovering,
believe me it will shine through even the darkest of veiling,
honour in your creation is a thing worth attaining,
true beauty can only be found in the highest ranking.

So beautiful young lady, please behold,
this life you will wither, soon decompose,
so set your sights to the place where your final abode,
please your Lord in modest atire and He will grant you more,
more than a glimpse and a tssk from an unworthy soul.
a garden where plenty a rivers do flow.


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