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I came across this poem in a bunch of papers I was in the process of shredding! It brought back so many memories on my first steps to motherhood, I wrote it whilst in hospital in 2006, the first time I had been away since she came home from hospital for a significant length of time.

Here it goes:

My baby, entrusted to me,
by the almighty,
the one and only,
your smile I see,
when I’m all alone,
thinking how things would be,
if we were all together,
all us three,
your father, you and me,
whatever happens,
just take hold of it,
and forever thankful,
you will be,
be strong, be patient,
with Allah, you will forever be.

With love Mummy!

I really believe that no matter how small and in whatever way, you have to give advice to your children, one thing that made me happy was that I realised, When I am gone, I have left my child with the knowledge of Allah. Even if it is in very simple terms.

I write it on my wall, with the hope and prayer that when she is older she will come across this, one day. Ameen

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