05 Jun

My life is not a circle, I’ll never go back to where I started, its one straight line, even one step back is not an option, only forwards is what I’m certain. I make mistakes, and Allah hides them, they only come out when I expose them, regret takes over my whole person, I shouldn’t have said what I don’t want mentioned.

Sometimes I wish it was a circle, to go back and erase and go over again, with better words and better actions, wipe over all regrets. Its not a circle, or even a square, just one straight line, leading to a place I don’t know where.

At times I walk alone, at times with someone there, just praying and hoping its the place where my soul shall feel no fear.

Walking and talking, forgetting our day is near, laughing and joking until its someone near, we pause for a moment and think of our own tears, life is not certain.

Ourselves on our own, our journey is what we lay. for another’s sake we will not remain.

Step on a stone, one day you’ll be gone, step on a petal, one day you’ll be forgotten.

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