Feeling down.

31 Jan

No matter how happy you are, weather you try to keep your spirits high, as much as you try to smile when you’re down. At times its just not easy, the feeling manages to penetrate no matter how hard you try. Talking to yourself only works for that immediate moment. That’s when you know, you need a remedy, it might not begin to work quite easily, it takes time but inside you know that the feeling will one day, be felt no more and you can continue from the time when a smile was so easily formed. The feeling you cannot explain, yet you try over and over again, its better to keep silent as not knowing the consequences of your words makes it fearful for you to try and explain them. Life can be good, so good, you forget when the bad days existed, that’s why it hits harder when the bad days come as they are so unexpected. You speak over and over to yourself, somewhere deep inside, something is listening, at first you cannot hear, but the more you tell yourself, it starts to break through, silently at first, it starts with a pull and a tug, the effort lasts a while but the end will always be worth the struggle. When you have spoken within, let it lie, let it rest, as when you speak when the thought is simmering, just makes it so much harder to reconcile and with words once already spoken, the mark has already been made, possibly a heart, even two hearts left broken. Don’t speak, talk within, whatever it is will give in. It doesn’t last, feeling down.

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