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so hard!

Why is it so hard?

even to try is just so hard,

my thoughts are imprisoned,

I can only write that which I have permission,

my pen moves with words, not realising the ink has dried,

invisible writings, a whirlwind in my mind,

unseen, not able to touch, to grasp, to show a single soul!

even verbal description can never suffice!

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The Essence that I seek

The essence that I seek,
the essence of that thing in itself,
the thing most sought after,
in that time that is ever-after,
the desire,the passion,the belief,
in reaching that goal,sunken deep,
I know its there,somewhere,within me,
how do I attain it? plant the seed,
watch as slowly the reward I will reap.

The essence that I seek,
the essence of that thing in itself,
how do I begin? just a beginning?
I need to start looking within,
find my way, cultivate, increase,
the will to learn, let go of all the ill,
I’m no longer willing to face defeat.

The essence that I seek,
the essence of that thing in itself,
the knowledge that will fuel my belief.
It is you that I seek,
you are the company I wish to keep,
through you, imagine all the good that can be?
Life means nothing without the essence that I seek!

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Let peace reign

When will we let peace reign?
like the silence of the final breath,
like the wind that cannot be touched,
like the whimpering rain when it falls,
like the glimmer of the sun when its up high,
like the clouds just passing by,
like the trees standing upright,
I can hear the whisper in their sighs,
When will YOU let peace reign?!
let life live, un-denied, let touch feel, what’s inside. (sigh).

Praise be to Allah.

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Ramadan: Day 11 reflection. Like finally!!!!

Starting Ramadan this year was a bit daunting, the time factor and the first time for me where the children would still be in school well into the second week of the fasting month. I tried to plan, be strategic and preserve as much energy as possible. Once it began my perceptions changed. I was busy planning but Allah being the best of planners knew that He was not going to burden His servants with more than they can handle, everything by His grace fell into place, even when the children became difficult to handle I made excuses for them and myself and found ways to change the direction of the imminent frustrating and angry place where we always end up. So once I had figured out that this Ramadan was not going to be as arduous as I first perceived I started thinking, thinking about why we fast and the ways in which for this one month people change, people really change and you can see it. I am in awe of this month, I realised this today, day 11 of Ramadan that this is my security blanket and I am already scared for when it passes.
In one day everything changed, the day Ramadan began, just a few days before, the months were normal, there was no hype about one’s spiritual state, no hype about making resolutions, what to quit doing or start doing, there was no hype about the Quran!!!! Now everyone is reading it, making heartfelt and devoted supplications. I found out a few people I encounter on a daily basis are Muslim only because of this blessed month! It doesn’t only change people, this fasting month really changes the mundane and repetitive cycle of most days, as it brings to the fore, focus, determination and a zeal to use every moment productively in the search for spiritual attainment and for answers to our supplications, imagine if we were like this all year round!?
My Ramadan reflection for this day is that if it was not for this amazing month, this spiritual exercise this month of rehabilitation, as a friend put it (Ramadan Rehab), there is so much good that we would not discover. Good within other people is one but most importantly the good and the super spiritual abilities we harness within our own souls, we would not know we possessed them. The bonus is, in this month ONLY, you don’t even have to look deep, it all brings itself to the surface, now what do we do with it??????????????

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