If you knew my child………….

24 Oct

If you knew my child. To start with you would not point and stare, nudge the person beside you or whisper in their ear, as although we cannot hear you, you have made it very clear.
He is my child that you look at, you are right, he is not as others appear, which is why I say to you that if only you did know him.
Through the pointing and the staring you have given me a cause, to nudge you in the right direction, show you he is human, I suppose.
I smile as I write this as through my words you will come to know that if you knew my child you would be in want of knowing so much more!!!

I have to remind myself not to be selfish and share my son, as to the majority he is actually something very new, there is a mystery that shrouds him, a blanket that leaves us wrapped in awe. I often envisage angels, invisible, surrounding him with light as they too wish he was theirs. He IS so many wonderful things. He has brought with him gifts, YES, wonderful gifts that we have been unwrapping along the way, they are gifts, non-perishable as they can only be felt without touch.
I know that he notices, I know that he knows, that he thinks and he feels, if you knew him you would know all of that too and because of that ‘YOU’ are dis-abled from a world that because of the way he is, only ‘he’ can perceive and those of us allowed to accompany him on his journey are on a specially tailored kind of boat.
Despite the pain, emotional and physical he has always been able to overcome, he is a very strong little boy, able to lift your spirits up with just a look and a beautiful smile. Even when he is not ok, knowing him makes you believe that he will be ok as through his being I am now able to see the apparent things that have always been, but were just not there. So many innumerable things become visible when you think about how ‘he’ is, the way ‘he’ is. Different, beautiful, thought provoking and most importantly Able………………… Able to make simple minds, wonder. Able to bring distant hearts, nearer. Able to connect, silent emotions. Able to inspire, desires.
Tell me how many if any of these you are ABLE to do, by just ‘being? Well he simply just ‘is’
If you knew him you would know that really he is ok. You would really actually learn to appreciate every day, which you are able, to live, to breathe, to love, to laugh, to express, to understand.
You will learn that life cannot be predicted and you have to carry on and just ‘roll with the punches’, it may be for a short while, it may even last a life time, but living with a deeper meaning, through understanding to accept what he ‘has’ to accept, no choices were given, he just is, the way he is.
If you knew him you would realise that if he can be the way he is and bring life to a feeling that is more than just maternal love, eternal love, then, I CAN, YOU CAN, accept him and see him as an extra special being, more than ME, more than YOU!.
If you would like to know him, then I would like to invite you to look, look ‘in love’ rather than shock and despair, look, look with a sense of care, smile when you look. You are even permitted to ask, ask if you dare!!!!!
I might have begun with ‘if you knew my child’ but really what I mean is ‘if ONLY you knew my child!


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2 responses to “If you knew my child………….

  1. Sweetpea

    November 5, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    I really appreciate your poem and can just feel your love overflowing for your son. It was very inspiring to me to see a mother appreciate the gifts her child has to offer, and seeing them as special as they are. I love your writings. Thank you for motivating me to write.

  2. Ummi

    December 16, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Beautifully written


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