What I learned from my mother

24 Oct

I learned from my mother how to find the sun through dark clouds,

A smile is a golden key used to lock bad feelings out,

I learned to put sugar in my tea and make sure it was just right, adjusted for me.

That in many a situation I can sketch it out to how it ought to be,

She taught me how to serve others whilst preserving all my dignity,

Living life without having to conform to all that uniformity,

To be strong and act with grace, for the sake of unity,

Many siblings, heated feelings that took away from the peace and harmony,

She made the force of great winds seem as soft as a falling leaf,

I learned that the struggles in life can really set you free,

Like hot coals being doused in a silent stream,

I learned that with my heart I can reach out into the unseen,

Wipe away sad tears and say what I really mean,

I learned to read the words but not only through me,

There is an ocean out there, a whole world of discovery,

Stand upright, hold hope tight,

When one door closes, another will open,

You just have to open your mind to see.

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