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I saw a man today

I saw a man today, full of light, surrounded, not layed down but half way reclining, I couldn’t tell what type he was, black nor white? He had no race to define him, full of light, it was only light, he had a face but I did not know him.
The person beside him was preparing him for his burial, he went to arrange his hands and the man, eyes closed, without life, lifted his own hands and placed them on his chest as though performing a prayer. He looked so happy, relieved, I can’t describe it, I can still see his face. The person looked, taken aback in a gentle way all the while continuing the task at hand. At a pace, with peace and a floating silence.
He was praying, performing a Salah, hands remained as they were, no attempt was made to move them. He was no longer in life. What grace and how did he come upon it? His lord looked down favourably upon him, for to leave this world, and attain tranquillity before the eyes of those taking you to your resting place, he must have done something worthy of pleasing his Lord? Now what was it? I want it. How do I get it?
He had life yet he was not alive, nor was he breathing. Something was there, with him, so peaceful, tranquil, and silent, through all that was happening.
A peaceful death. A death full of peace. A death in peace. A death, just like, sleep.
Then I woke up. Wondering. Started moving, with the stillness, with a weakness. Not knowing who he was or why? The day continues, in a sweet, silent daze am I.


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