Mini reflections: 5

10 Jun
Mini reflections: 5

Ramadan day 5, 2016

Repentance is like the rain as it falls, when one seeks it, it can gently wash away the dirt, slowly peeling away the unwanted layers of regrets and if only’s.

It can be gentle and peaceful, falling softly, kindly renewing it’s seeker, granting an internal pounding of hope, an uplifting sensation, like words floating up and away from the writer, the writer fondly gazing happily whilst letting their words go.

Thunder and lightning, loud and  frightening, repentance. Forced on bended knee, chest heaving, heart beating, tears streaming, sobs screaming, nobody is hearing, all alone, it’s just me.

Like tearing each word off the page, then reappearing, etching deeper, making it harder to reach. Oh please god just get rid of it!

A desperate servant with nothing but my own sinful deeds, I bow down in shame and put in my own heartfelt plea, maybe an angel will write down the words on my invisible sheet.

It is as though I am searching all the seas, deep down and beneath I am praying you hear me.


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