Mini reflections: 8

30 Jun
Mini reflections: 8

Ramadan day 25. 2016

Not many words, Nothing to write,

Something is whispering,

Deep down inside,

Worthless me,

Undeserving self,

Trying to stop the bad thoughts,

Bubbling strongly inside.

Ya Allah, A servant like me is asking you, mighty Lord, to grant me something I know I do not deserve for I have no worth, but you can do anything. It is so easy for you.

It is hard for me,

As much as I try,

I try to be your servant,

Yet life drags me and slows all of my strides.

Ya Allah please, and I mean it,

Even though it is from someone like me,

Please I implore you,

grant me this one thing;

If I do not witness the night of decree,

Despite all of my efforts please write it for me,

Please do reward me as though I was a witness to it,

For if sleep over took me,

Then it did see me,

Reward me with like measure,

Even beyond,

For you this is easy,

I await uneasily,

I ask you sincerely,

In anticipation of your reply.

From a servant like me.


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