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When the sky is blue

When the sky is blue and the leafless trees look like shadows,

when the birds are cawing silently and the world is floating adrift.

As dawn is breaking,

The slumber of the night is slowly waning,

The footsteps of a new day are approaching,

Another beautiful morning.

Through the darkness, the light is overtaking.

Despite new life approaching,

Somewhere deep deep inside is reminded,

That only god knows the number of lives that have not risen.

While slowly rising and realising,

Before the regret that this moment right now is again ending,

The wondering begins,

The day begins,

Events planned with no assurance,

Everyone assuming the end is far,

So far away that the possibility of it not happening seems,


Time so invisible, unable to be touched or felt,

An ending wait, an ending awaits, when? who? how?

As the dusk over takes and the light withers, all rolling into one, whiling away, unnoticed by the drum of life that has become so automatic, rising then lying, waking then sleeping, wellness then illness and youth into old age, the line we all walk upon, single file.

Darkness falls,

All to begin again,

When the sky is blue,

Anew for some, repeating for some, the end for some.

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