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For you both

For you both

You asked Allah for a righteous, god fearing, god loving child, into their youth, adulthood and all their life. You want them to be perfect, flawless, from birth until death……………..

They won’t all be perfect, it won’t be smooth sailing just because you asked. The path is a struggle and you won’t get what you want out of that until you both go through the correct training. Allah’s training. Well, you asked for it right?

Every child needs a lesson along the way, you the parent, adult, carer need to do the teaching, if scenarios don’t arise, opportunities let’s call them. If they do not arise, how is that child going to know? How will they know the warning signs? How will they learn to understand that feeling? That voice inside that is grappling with them to do the right thing?

There is a certain strength and conviction that one must learn and endeavour to remain upon before certain character traits become normal, become natural.

When you asked Allah for a strong child and He blessed you with a weak one, know that there is a journey that you both have to embark upon, Lessons that you need to teach and trials that you will both have to undergo.

When you asked Allah for a clever child and He blessed you with one that needs additional help along the way then realise that both of you have a journey to undertake, Lessons that you need to learn and a world and way of learning that your child will discover, through you.

When you asked Allah for a truthful child and your child blessed you with a child that adds a bit more detail than required, learn that there are ways of doing things that need to change, methods of teaching that need to be revised, examples that need to be set.

There are countless examples of you wanting one thing and Allah blessing you with the complete opposite or with something you never imagined entirely.

Do know that whatever you asked Allah for to be manifest in your child and He does not bless you with an immediate response, that there are things within you that Allah has not yet completed and He has blessed you with what will take you both where He wants you, but you have to put in the work, you have to show Him the want and you need to ask Him endlessly to show you the way. For both of you.

Do not blame yourself but look, search, delve deep and don’t stop. He loves that child for you, He wants you to work, learn and discover and He will make the struggle a worthy one. For you both.

Ask, and don’t stop asking, for whatever you want in your child, He knows why you need to ask and He knows just what is right to help you get it.

Nurturing a heart, mind and consciousness that you do not know is not easy work. Put in the effort and you will get there.


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