One verse

02 Aug

This is my verse,

I convey it to you that you may stop on it,

Think deeply while you ponder it,

Night and day it plays in your mind,

You cannot rest,

You keep on going over it,

I had so much trouble finding it,

Realising its not a novel that I can just flick through it,

These words hover, they float, they don’t just pass with a flick of a page,

There is no amusement to be found in it,

So stop looking for it,

And start finding it,

It is real,

Just sit and open it.

Be one with it.

Let you heart lead you right in it,

Dive, don’t stop,

Delve, don’t breathe,

Keep going, don’t fear,

You will find your way back to the top without even realising it.

Convey even one verse,

If only, one verse,

Just. One. Verse.

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